Jean Paul Zarruk

Creative Producer | Social Media Consultant

 Dr. Hasley

Cosmetic Dental Services
“We have a huge amount of interaction on our Facebook and have between 30-50 new patients per month now who list Facebook 
as how they heard about us. Even better, new patients say that they check our page daily to see what things we are posting, and come in telling us what they want because they have learned about and seen pics about a procedure on Social Media. Jean Paul did magic by creating our social media platform and running an impeccable media campaign.”

Carl W. Dec 12, 2013
Had a great experience with JP! He was easy to work with us and very flexible!

Heather T. May 24, 2015
I have worked with JP several times. Twice in the role as a model for a clothing website and once as a yoga teacher when he visited the hot yoga studio I taught in DC. Working with him is a breeze! It is always a fun experience and he makes a photo shoot seem like a get together with friends. All times the shoots lasted several hours but never was I bored or frustrated. He really knows how to give direction when you need it, and how to let you shine when you don't! I highly recommend hiring him for any and all occasions. He is also quite efficient in terms of getting the photos to you in a respectable amount of time. 

Lauren H. April 24, 2017
It seems that JP travels frequently so he was flexible when I contacted him with the possibility of flying to the NY to shoot our wedding. On the day of the wedding he was down-to-earth and very helpful as far as managing family members and advising us how to stand, etc. to get the right family and bridal party shots. He was patient with all of the family despite language barriers. When we received the final pictures everyone in my family loved them - they are beautiful, special and everything we wanted in wedding pictures.